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Each bicycle rebuilt and tested by an expert
Modern bicycles and stunning vintage bikes.
30 day warranty


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Stephane Lapointe, bike expert specializing in used and vintage bikes
Stephane Lapointe, P. Eng., M.Sc.A.
Bicycle Expert more..

Why Purchase a Bike Here ?

Get expert advice

  • Get help choosing the correct bike for your needs, the correct size for your height and within your budget.
  • The majority of customers are urban Montrealers, without a car, using their bike to commute everyday, often regardless of the weather. For you a bicycle is not a toy just for fun, it`s serious business because you count on it for work or school and to go anywhere. You want to deal with an experienced expert taking it seriously like you. You are ready to compromise on the look of a used bike, but it must absolutely be reliable, comfortable, safe and efficient
  • I`m not desperate to sell any bike to anyone, I prefer telling you to wait for the right bike if I don`t have the right one for you.
  • See also The Different Types of Bikes and Which Size of Bike you Need

Bikes are fully tuned, inspected, repaired and road tested before they are sold

  • Every bike goes through a meticulous inspection and repair process. Anything broken, worn, loose or rusty is fixed or replaced. Typically I will replace stiff cables with new ones, put new tires if cracked or worn, true the wheels, adjust brakes and gear shifting, lube the bearings, replace torn seats, new brake pads, re-tighten every nut and bolt and much more.
  • I invest the money required to buy new parts and do the job right. I'm not cheap and won't re-use old brake cables or worn tires for example, contrarily to other recyclers.
  • Once the job is done, the bike is taken for a good ride and usually it goes back on the work stand for final tuning. Many problems are revealed only when riding hard and fast.
  • Because the bike is covered by a 30 day warranty, and most of my customers are using it daily to commute in sometimes harsh conditions, experience taught me what are the critical points to verify and which bicycle makes and models to avoid.

The bikes are cosmetically in average to perfect condition

  • Each bike is cleaned to reveal how good it looks.
  • Average bike will have minor scratches here and there and might have minor surface rust. Bikes are not repainted, they have the original paint so it`s usually not perfect. (however some bikes were repainted by a previous owner). Rusty wrecks are not sold, they are dismantled for parts.
  • Read the comment area on the web page describing a particular bike to know more about it`s condition. Some bikes are in excellent or even mint condition, for others the paint and chrome are quite worn and rusty but it rides well. In these cases a comment in the bike description will mention its out of the ordinary condition. Otherwise you should assume the bike is in average cosmetic condition, i.e. it looks like most used bikes you see on the street.
  • Average condition is relative to its age, we don`t expect the same level for a 5 year old bicycle and a 60 year old antique one.

The bike is delivered for free

  • The price of the bike includes delivery at your home, workplace, school or anywhere you want in Montreal. Why loose time going across town to check out a bike that might be a piece of junk. If you purchase extra accessories, for example a basket or a bell, I will install them free of charge on delivery. More on delivery..

You try the bike before deciding to purchase

  • When purchasing a new bike, the majority of bike stores, including large retail chains, won`t let you try the bike on the street before purchase. It`s ridiculous !
  • You must always try a bike before purchase to make sure it is the right size for you, to check the riding position, road handling, performance and more. Also it is the only way you can make sure the gears and brakes work correctly.
  • When purchasing a bike here, the seat will first be adjusted, then you try the bike on your street in your neighbourhood in a real situation. The seat might need to be raised or lowered a little, then you try it again. You test it for real before deciding to purchase.

The bike is covered by a 30 day warranty

  • I will come back to fix it if a problem occurs within 30 days after purchase. More on warranty..

Trade your old bike against a rebate

  • You have an bike no longer needed ? Give it in exchange of a price reduction, make room for the new bike, save the hassles of selling it yourself. Whatever the condition it will be restored and resold, or recycled for parts and metal. More on Sell, Trade or Donate your Bike

Not a stolen bike

Environmentally friendly local purchase

  • When buying a used bike here instead of a new bike made in China or Malaysia, you make an environmentally friendly and fair trade local purchase. It`s a genuine example of sustainable development by re-using, recycling and reducing the impact on the environment. You help a local Canadian micro-business instead of a big corporation with many middlemen. See also Buying a Used Bike is Smart and About Stephane Lapointe

See Also


Bike delivery in Montreal -
Bike delivery, road test, seat adjustment.

Free Delivery

  • The shop being 1 hour from downtown Montreal by car, the vast majority of customers have the bike delivered to their home, school or workplace. Where is the shop..
  • The price of the bike includes delivery, there is no extra cost.
  • I deliver each bicycle myself, it`s a professional and personalized service. It's not like receiving a bike by mail or UPS !
You test drive the bike before purchase
  • The bike size is verified, the seat is adjusted for you.
  • If you have little cycling experience, I will show you how to ride and shift gears.
  • You then take the bike for a ride on your street, around the block, to give it a good try, shift gears and test the brakes. If you don`t like the bike for any reason you don`t have to purchase it and you have nothing to pay.
  • However it`s not a roaming bike store, it is expected that you are seriously interested in a specific bike, actively shopping for a bike and ready to buy. Sometimes I can bring 2 bikes to try. But if you have no idea of what you want, don't know how to ride a bike, or you just want to try out a certain kind of bike to see how it feels , you should continue shopping and go try some bikes at bike stores before fixing an appointment here.
  • To avoid spending time and fuel for nothing, I ask many questions on the phone before fixing an appointment, to make sure it`s the right kind of bike for you, the right size, that you don`t have limiting medical issues like back pain, knee pain or major overweight, etc... All special cases are invited to visit the shop instead.

Delivery Area

Bike delivery in Montreal -
Click to enlarge

  • Delivery area covers all of downtown, including McGill, Concordia, Mile-End, Plateau, Rosemont, Hochelaga, NDG, Verdun, Lachine, etc.. Click on the map above to enlarge if you are not sure.
  • If you are outside the delivery area, we must fix an appointment inside the delivery zone, for example at a metro station like Henri-Bourassa or Berri-UQUAM. For people East of PI-IX boulevard, like Pointe-aux-Trembles, delivery can be done at the PI-IX metro station for example.
  • Note that you can carry a bike in the metro outside rush hours, after 19h. Learn more..
Delivery schedule
  • Monday evening, Wednesday evening and Friday evening, between 7pm and 11pm (19h and 23h).
  • See below to fix an appointment


  • Cash only.
  • Your can trade your old bike in exchange of a price reduction, more on trade-ins


  • If you purchase extra accessories, for example a basket or a bell, they are installed for free
  • You should mention the accessories you want in advance, when fixing the appointment, to make sure they will be available.

No Shipping

  • There is no shipping of bikes by courier services like UPS or any other company. I will not pack a bike for shipping and deal with the risk, trouble and cost of shipping such a large item.
  • If you are from outside Montreal, you must visit the shop in person, or come to Montreal to meet, or have someone from Montreal taking care of delivery for you.

FIX AN APPOINTMENT and Reserve a Bike

Phone 450-764-9226

  • You can phone any time and leave a message if there is no answer and I'll phone you back. I`m often in the shop or out delivering bikes so I can`t always answer the phone. If your phone is private and the number doesn't display to the receiver, make sure you leave a call back number in your message. Make sure you pronounce each number slowly and clearly!
  • Once we scheduled an appointment the bike is reserved for you until you try it. If you change your mind, found a bike elsewhere or wish to cancel the appointment for any reason, please phone ASAP such that the bike can be put back for sale to others.


  • You can email for information but emails are taken care after phone calls. It's just less complicated and faster to phone. If you leave a call back number in your email I`ll phone you back.
  • We can't fix an appointment or reserve a bike by email. I won`t go to an appointment unless we had a live phone conversation to make sure it is serious. It's safer for you and me to make sure the other person is for real, not a complete stranger from the internet.


  • Cash only, Canadian and US dollars accepted
  • No checks, no credit cards, no debit cards accepted.
  • No credit, partial payment or deposit. You must pay in full on delivery.
  • There is no sales tax added to the price because it`s a small operation. I can legally avoid charging the sales tax.
  • If you have an old bike you no longer need, you can trade it for a price reduction depending on the condition, more on trade-ins..


Bike Accessories Available - New and Used Bike Accessories Available - New and Used Bike Accessories Available - New and Used Bike Accessories Available - New and Used
see all accessories for sale.. (French page)

  • Baskets, racks, bells, locks, lights and other new and used accessories are available at a price much lower than downtown`s bike shops. See "Accessoires de vélo" (French page) if you wish to add anything to your bicycle.
  • Most accessories installed free of charge
  • You should mention the accessories you want in advance, when fixing the appointment, to make sure they will be available.
  • No shipping or delivery of accessories alone, only with the purchase of a complete bike. To purchase accessories or parts please visit in person.

_Used Road Bikes for Sale in Montreal_ Vintage Ladies' Bikes for Sale in Montreal
Left: men with road bike contemplating the Saint-Laurent river, end of canal Lachine bike path, Montreal.
Right: lady pushing her city bike on Rachel Street's bike path, downtown Montreal.

Where the Bikes come from

Given the bike theft rate in Montreal, it is legitimate for people who live in the city to be concerned about the origin of the used bikes sold by anyone. In the country area where I live, and in the nearby suburbs south-west of Montreal, almost everybody owns a bike to be used only on sunny Sundays. It`s part of the standard suburban fixture. In every home you see bikes hanging in the garage, stored in sheds, barns and elsewhere. Some hoarders have piles of bikes at the back of their barn! This fact being acknowledged, it`s surprising how few people are really using their bike for transport or leisure. You never see anyone riding a bike on suburbs and rural roads! After a few years people get older, the bike haven`t been used more than once or twice in the last 3 years. Sometimes it needs a minor tune up or it`s got a flat. So it doesn`t take much for the bike to be tossed in garbage, or put up for sale at a yard sale, to make room for something else. The result is that I find many used bikes and some of them are in like new condition under the layers of dust. Some bikes were probably not used more than 5 times in their whole life. Because a bike is cumbersome and occupies a lot of space, some people are so desperate to get ride of them that they donate it to me or to charity.

So it's rather easy to find any used bike outside Montreal, but nowadays we come across mostly cheap, low quality, heavy, kid's size mountain bikes originally purchased in retail chain stores like Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart. It's much harder to find good quality adult size bikes ! Tall men's road bikes and vintage city cruisers for women don't show at every yard sale. People who purchase a brand new adult size bike, after age 18, usually are more serious bike users, they pay from their own pocket, and intend to keep it for a long time. They won't give it away at a yard sale after 5 years like they do for their kid's bikes.

Here is a list of where I find used bikes:

  • This web site is visited by many looking to sell or donate a bike and searching the net for information. See the Bikes Wanted section if you have a bike for sale or donate !
  • Yard sales and bazaars, mostly on long weekends in the Spring and Fall, for example Victoria Day and Labour Day weekends.
  • Flea markets and other improvised business on country roads.
  • Trade-in from customers. I take your old bike in exchange of a price reduction depending on the condition.
  • Also purchasing rental and patrol bike fleets, store close-out or bankruptcy, bicycle auctions, bundles of new or used parts, tools, accessories. New old stock (NOS) sitting on store shelves for too long, warranty return bikes with minor damage and more. If you own a bike store in Quebec or Ontario contact me when cleaning up your business!
  • Metal recyclers making a living picking scrap metal from garbage. There are many in the country area where I live. I pay them more than what they get for the weight of metal, so they bring all the bikes they find.
  • Non-profit organization recycling bicycles to employ handicap people and have them learn useful skills. They often don't have the knowledge to fix and no local market for expensive road bikes and vintage bikes, so they contact me.
  • Thrift shops, Salvation Army stores and other charity stores.
  • Word of mouth from family, neighbours, friends, customers. I live in a small village where everybody knows everybody. Older folks go to church and they tell their friends someone is looking for old bikes. They collect bikes for me knowing they can make a profit.
  • Bikes wanted ads in local newspapers, at my local post office and other public places. Wanted ads on classifieds web sites.

So I actually have more bikes than I need and I`m becoming pickier with time. I even refuse free bikes if they are not worth the trouble and storage space. I would never buy a bike knowing it`s been stolen. This being said, when buying/selling a used product like a bike, car , furniture, or just about anything else, you always run the risk of ending up with previously stolen goods. I honestly can't guarantee without a doubt that none of the many bikes I deal in a year is a stolen bike. It happened once that I checked a suspicious bike that turned out to be stolen. I was able to contact the owner by contacting the store where it was purchased new. The owner was astonished that someone found her stolen bicycle and was going to bring it back !

If your bike was stolen

  • If your bike was stolen you should first report it to the police. If the bike is found by the police, which is rare unfortunately, it might be returned to you. To do a report online visit SPVM Montreal Police web site
  • Check with your home insurance to know if it is worth claiming the value of the bike.
  • If you see a bike on the web site and you think it might be yours, don`t hesitate to contact me. If you have a police report and you can prove ownership (serial number, invoice, custom features) or facts are all pointing your way, I will gladly give it back to you. I will also supply the information about when, where and from whom I purchased it myself so the police can investigate.

Protecting yourself against bike theft

  • Always use a good quality U-lock ($25 or more) and always attach it to a solid object, not a wire fence for example.
  • Never use a chain or a cable
  • Take note of the serial number, keep the invoice, take pictures of the bike. This helps your insurance claim and the police investigation if stolen.
  • To reduce the risk of theft and increase the odds that the bike will be returned if found by police anywhere in the province, you should register your bike at A Velo Retour sticker is available from some bike retailers at a cost of $5 for 3 years.

Vélo Retour

Pistes cyclables de Montréal

Are you shopping for a bike to commute everyday ? For you a bicycle is not a toy, it`s serious business, because you count on it to get to work or school and everywhere else. A new bike is too costly and risky because it will stay parked outside. You are ready to compromise on the look of a used bike, but it must be reliable, comfortable, safe and efficient. You want a warranty to be sure you won't loose time and money fixing a bike sold 'as is' elsewhere more..

100,000 bicycles thrown in the garbage every year, help us save some of them to protect the planet


We pickup your old cumbersome bike(s) in the evening and weekends whenever you are available. Call 450-764-9226 to schedule a pickup, it is fast and easy. Yes we go in the West-Island and beyond !


Reduce the price of your purchase, make room for your new bike, save yourself the trouble of selling your old bike

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